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Maydos new PU wood paint
Time:2016/6/24 16:28:25

New Arrival,Maydos Blistering Resistance PU Primer


Summer is coming.Due to the high temperature and humidity, the surface of furniture always have blistering after applied the paint.

 Now,We would like to offer our new arrival to you,Maydos blistering resistance PU primer,with a unique property, is able to be applied thickly at 40℃ without any blistering.It will help you to solve the problem of application in summer.


Furniture:Office furniture,Hotel furniture,Antique furniture,etc.

Application Method:Spray,Brush.

Best Benefit:Blistering resistance,especially being applied thickly at 40℃.


Office furniture:Office furniture has the main feature of scratching resistance,high clarity and natural.PU primer with high pencil hardness and scratching resistance property,could build a good basis for it.


Hotel Furniture:Hotel furniture focuses on comfortable,natural and warmth.PU primer could form smooth and full paint film,is able to show the excellent property of the top coat.

Antique Furniture:Antique furniture is required to demonstrate the classic.PU primer with light texture and scratching resistance,is 

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