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Maydos shell porcelain anti-stain interior wall paint
Time:2016/5/4 14:49:07

 Maydos shell porcelain anti-stain interior wall paint

Recently,Maydos has launched one new anti-stain product of ocean star seriers,shell porcelain anti-stain interior wall paint.
The paint is named by its formula,which include natural ocean shell sand and pearl component.The wall will be fine and smooth like the porcelain once applyed the paint.The greatest advantages of this paint is it could resist  101 kinds of daily stains effectively and 10,000 times of scubs.
We inspect the application properties of the paint by following four aspects,odor,opacity,anti-scrub and anti-stain.
Firstly,odor test.When we remove the cover,the paint looks like a damask under the light.And it start to shake lightly whlie we shake the jar.All of that improve the viscosity of this paint is good.Besides there are not any strange odor in the air,even we approach to the jar. Only after we put our nose above the jar,there are a kind of slightly but not excitant odor.Which due to that there are not any formaldehyde and  benzene in the manufacture procedure.
Secondly,opacity test.We roller coat two paints include shell porcelain paint and other paint on the test card,as you can see,there are no black stripe in the left part.Meanwhile,the right part is different,like covered by a piece of gauze.Additionally,the left part looks more whiter and purer.
Thirdly,anti-scrub test.The paits were hard dry after applyed on the test card two days ago.We choose hard hair teeth brush to scrub the two parts successively.After scrub the two parts about fourty times,the left part remains intact,while the right part has lost one piece,and showed the black background.
Fourthly,anti-stain test,which is the most important test.After we put four stains,soy sauce,black tea,ink,marker pen on the two paints for several minutes.We wipe the paints with a clean cloth,the left part remains as a new one,while the right part has left four imprints of the four stains.
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