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  • Maydos thermoplastic road line marking paint

    Maydos thermoplastic road line marking paint is a powder paint which can be used on the concrete and asphalt road surface after melted at 180-200℃ by the special heating equipment. The melten material can be screeded,extruded or sprayed on the road surface in varying thickness from 1.5MM to 5MM

  • Solar Road Stud for traffic safety

    Solar road studs are raised pavement markers that paved along the road marks. As featured with active lighting and powered by solar energy, so the solar road studs are especially used in the nighttime or rainy or foggy weather. And the main function is to reveal the road outline, which as a result to enhance traffic safety.

  • Acrylic Paint for Marking on Road Concrete Barrier

    Maydos Acrylic Marking Paint is composed of acrylic resin,modified resins for road marking. suitable for marking on asphalt and concrete road of high-way and downtown. Suitable for marking on metal fence,concrete barrier of the road.

  • Epoxy Resin Glue Adhesive for Road Stud

    It is used for reflective road stud on concrete pavement and asphalt pavement. The road stud could be ceramic, plastic or metal. High adhesive strength, solidify fast, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, impact resistance. Thixotropy of the adhesive: non-flowing, easy to operate, water resistant, freeze-thaw resistant, acid resistant, with high durability.

  • Aluminium Road Stud Two Sides Reflection for traffic safety

    cast aluminium road stud

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