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Maydos nitrocellulose based wood varnish (lacquer) is developed for many usages over any wood.

It is suitable for interior wood furniture, bamboo or cane products and it can show a clear 

crystal appearance with different sheen. Pure quality of materials without foreign particles ensures 

the performance of decoration.



Mixing Ratio (Base:Thinner): 1:1
Application Method:  Brush, Airless spray 
Shelf Life: 

12 months (use up in 4 hrs after mixing)


Store it in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Temperature range: 0℃-35℃.

Packing size: 

1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 18L and 200L

Application procedure: 


1.To Make sure all surfaces must be clean, dry and free from wax, grease, oil etc.


2.For bare wood, sand down in the direction of the grain until smooth with fine abrasive sandpaper. Start with 80# sandpaper, and then150# and last 220#. Use clean cloth to remove dust between each sanding.


3.If you are using paint as a topcoat over another finish, sand the existing finish first with steel wool or synthetic steel wool.


4.Apply a thin coat of paint on the wood and allow it to dry completely. After the first coat has dried, sand it lightly with fine abrasive paper to remove any raised grain.


5.Brush or spray another coat of paint and allow it to dry.


6.Continue to apply coats of paint until you achieve the surface build-up you desire.


7.Check the finish to see whether there are small nicks or imperfections. Rub out any rough spots with steel wool or synthetic steel wool. Wipe with a clean tack cloth to remove dust. For extra protection, polish the surface with paste wax or furniture polish.




1.Always apply the paints in a well-ventilated place.


2.Wear eye protection and rubber gloves to prevent exposure to paints.


3.This product is highly flammable liquid. May cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact


4.This product is by professional use only


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