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Acrylic Paint for Marking on Road Concrete Barrier

Model:  CN800

Description: Maydos Acrylic Marking Paint is composed of acrylic resin,modified resins for road marking. The paint has obvious advantages of fast-drying,easy application,fresh color,high visibility, strong bonding power,wear-resistance and weathering-resistance,etc.
suitable for marking on asphalt and concrete road of high-way and downtown. Suitable for marking on metal fence,concrete barrier of the road.
Technical Index
Regular Colors: White,Yellow,Red,Black,etc                
Sheen: Glossy , Matt
Solid content:70%
Theoretical Coverage:2.2 m2/kg (wet film thickness 300 um)
Flash Point: 8℃
Specific Gravity:1.5 kg/L
Time of No-Tack-To-Tyre::<10 minutes(23℃)
Store:in dry and clean environment                Package: 18 KG/Tin (20 Liter)
Shelf Life:12 months
Application Method: Spray, Brush,Roller
Dilution: xylol, toluene, X42
Cleaning Tools:xylol,toluene,X42
Thickness of paint film: wet film 300 um   Dry film: 140 um
Re-coat time: >30 minutes
Application requirement: road substrate must be clean and dry,free of grease,oil,loose level,etc.
Application temperature: >5℃,
Application humidity: <85%

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