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2K Epoxy Resin Glue Adhesive for Road Stud

 It is used for reflective road stud on concrete pavement and asphalt pavement. The road stud could be ceramic, plastic or metal.

High adhesive strength, solidify fast, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, impact resistance. Thixotropy of the adhesive: non-flowing, easy to operate, water resistant, freeze-thaw resistant, acid resistant, with high durability.

Mixing ratio: A: B = 1:1

Dosage: 1 kg can be used 5 - 25 pcs of road stud depending on sizes

Characteristics: Operate easily, non flowing

Other uses: repairing holes in the road


Process of road stud fixation

Paste face processing glue mixture → coating of the paste surfacesolidification and maintenance

solidification and maintenance

A. The road stud can be solidified well and easily in the low and average temperature. If the solidification temperature is about 25 , the pasted road stud is workable in 24 hours. If it is about 5, it’s workable in 48 hours, and its viscous force is stronger the longer it is fixed.


B. Do not move the stud within the next 6 hours after fixation, if it moved drastically, it should be re -fix again with the glue.



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