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Acrylic polyurethane topcoat for Anti-Corrosion

Compositions and properties

Acrylic polyurethane topcoat is consisted of modified acrylic resins, polyurethane resins, catalysts, curing agents, fillers and other raw materials, grinding through a chemical reaction from one component or two-component, construction convenient, and excellent anti-corrosion effect. One-component or two-component acrylic polyurethane finish, color stability, good gloss, hardness, abrasion resistance, weatherability, acid, alkali, excellent salt, and has good physical and mechanical properties.


It is widely used in bridges, storage tanks, ocean, mechanical, mining, chemical, metallurgical and other steel corrosion, also can be used inside and outside the walls for decoration.

Technology index



Film color and appearance

Conform to the standards board color range, smooth film

Drying time (h) under normal temperature

Surface dry


Internal dry


Adhesion rank


Solids content %


Flexibility  mm 


Fineness  um   


Viscosity  S 




Resistance to 10% sulfuric acid72h

No bubbles or fall off

Resistance to 5% sodium hydroxide72h

No bubbles or fall off

Resistance to saturated sodium chloride aqueous solution          72h

No bubbles or fall off

Shelf life     month


Scheme and attentions

1Steel surface treatment according to national ( rust on the steel surface before coating and preparation grade ), performed according to GB8923-88.

2Chemical atmosphere, industry atmospheric conditions of steel structure, can use manual derusting or mechanical derusting.

3、  Under the conditions of heavy-duty steel is by sand-blasting.

4、  The concrete surface treatment according to GB5021-91 requested the Executive.

5New concrete, cement mortar surface must be placed after a certain time and conservation, water volatile, with or pre-coated with an anti-alkali primer and then painted the end of topcoat.

6It is used by brush, roller and airless spray as the construction method.

7、  Construction of humidity of is less than80%.

8、  Thinner used acrylic polyurethane dedicated dilution.

9When in use, pay attention to ventilation, prohibited fireworks.

10Component packaging element iron can 20kg, bicomponent group20kg, group20kg,10kg and 5kg.

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