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NB Indoor thin fireproof paint for steel structure

Model: NB


NB indoor thin steel structure fireproof paint is consisted of the organic composite resin, filler, etc, and selected from the latest flame retardant agent, foaming, carbon, catalyst processed new fireproof paint.

Application Range:

Suitable for stadium, exhibition hall, power stations, airports, the station waiting room and industrial plant bare bearing steel structure of the beam and column and steel pipe, It provides not only fire protection, thermal insulation but also decoration effect.


Fireproof theory

The paint sprayed on the surface of steel structure, generally as decoration purpose, if encountered with fire,the paint can expand, thicken, charring to form a nonflammable spongy carbonaceous layer, so as to improve the steel structure of the refractory limit to 2.5 hours,to win the fire extinguishing time, effectively protect the steel structural building from fire damage.


Performance and characteristics

1 Excellent fireproof performance, fire resistance time is long, can withstand the test of fire

2 High strength, application, and no need to reinforced barbed wire for fire protection coating

3 Excellent in weathering performance, prolonged not yellowed

 Technology index



Test Result

State in container

Smooth liuid after stirring,no block

Smooth liuid after stirring,no block

Surface dry



Initial drying crack resistance

1~3 crack allowed,width0.5mm

No crack

Bond strength



Water resistance

24h No layer, foaming, flake

No layer, foaming, flake after 24h

Resistance to cold and hot cycling

15 times,no crack,flake,foaming

No crack, flake, foaming afer 15 times

Fire resistance


When thickness5+/-0.5mm,fire proof must be no less than 1h.

Measured coating thickness of 4.7mm, refractory experiments to 160min, fire resistance equal 2.7h.


 Application method


(1) Due to that fireproof paint is generally rough, it’s better to adopt gravity type gun with automatic pressure regulating 0.4-0.6 Mpa; Partial repair and small area by brush, spray or roller is recommended, combine one or more methods for convenient painting. Spray gun nozzle among 1-3 mm used to spray undercoats, can also be used to spray surface coating. Increase painting times if by hand.


(2) Every time the spraying thickness should be no bigger than 0.5mm,In sunny weather conditions, spraying interval is 8 hours to let the layer dry. Manual painting of each layer is thin, so calculate painting layers according to total thickness.


(3) According to the designed requirement on fire-proof time, confirm the total thickness, the theory consumption is: 1-1.5 kg/sqm/mm.


(4) It is suggested to apply extra 1-2 layers of acrylic or polyurethane anti-corrosion paint to ensure smooth and perfect decoration effect.



Fire-Proof time

Required Thickness

Total Consumption

Thickness of Each Layer

1 hour

2 mm

2~2.5 kg/m2

0.5 mm

2 hours

4 mm

4~4.5 kg/m2

0.5 mm

2.5 hours

5 mm

4.5~5.5 kg/m2

0.5 mm



Should be stored under indoor temperature -5 -40 , dry and ventilated environment. The paint is a solvent-based,keep it away from fire for safety
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