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Maydos Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Paint


Model: M5200        (Application Video)


          Maydos thermoplastic road line marking paint is a powder paint which can be used on the concrete and asphalt road surface after melted at 180-200℃ by the special heating equipment. The melten material can be screeded,extruded or sprayed on the road surface in varying thickness from 1.5MM to 5MM.It’s made from high quality imported raw materials, such as: titanium(Australia), plasticizer(Japanese) and it has the features of good hiding power, high temperature and ultraviolet rays resistance.


High skid resistance
Weathering resistance.
Good luminosity and visibility.
Fast drying speed.
Strong adhesion

Where to Use:

Widely used on cement concrete and asphalt ground as parting line, sign and warning line etc.


Thickness:  2mm, 3mm;   Width: 15cm, 25cm,30cm,40cm,


Powder Paint in Storage:                                                                       On Concrete Road, Primer is necessary:


Step 1,Heating Powder Paint:


Step 2,Marking Paint:




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