Model: 18880

Maydos Oil-base Acrylic Exterior Paint For All-weather

(Service Life: 5~8 years)



This high performance, solvent based, one component100% pure acrylic exterior finish can be applied all day and the lacquer film is rarely affected by weather. It has good dirt, alkali, mildew and chemical resistant characteristics.



Applicable to exterior wall of various kinds of architecture such as overpasses, factories, hotels, residential apartments and villas, etc.



1. Superior weathering resistant ability, Preservations of gloss and colors to prevent from fading and color changing.

2. Waterproof and ventilating to allow lacquer film to “breathe” like skin. 3. Dense paint film is strongly resistant to fungus, alga, chemical corrosion and aging.


Technical Index:

Solvent Type: Solvent base

Resin Type: 100% (pure) acrylic

Packing: 5L, 18L, 20L 200L

Specific Gravity: 1.2-1.35mg/L

Color: 1000 colors available, refer to Maydos color card

Gloss: Matt

Resistance to water for 96 hours: no change

Resistance to 20% Sodium hydroxide for 48 hours: no change

Resistance to accelerated weathering: 800 hours

Powdering: grade 1

Color-changing: grade 2

Solid Content (White): 55% (vary depending on colors)

Coverage: 5.5m2/kg/2coat

Drying: Touch Dry: 30 minutes (30)

Hard Dry: 24 hours

To Overcoat: 12 hours (vary according to temperature and humidity)

Scrubbing Resistance: 20000 times

Dilution Ratio (with assorted thinner): 0-20%

Application Method: Brush, Roller or Spray

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