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Model: C04-2
Maydos Alkyd-base Enamel Paint
Enamel Paint C04-2 is a synthetic paint which is based on alkyd resin. It is suitable
for both interior and exterior wood or metal’s surfaces. It can be applied on the
surfaces like doors, windows, cabinet, chair, grill, iron-gate, engine lathe, ship etc.
and it has a good performance of protection and decoration.


1. Beautiful and Smooth lacquer film
2. Good hiding power
3. High hardness & good abrasion
4. Excellent leveling property & easy application
Packing: 18kg, 20kg

Shelf Life: 18 months (use up in 4 hrs after mixing)

Gloss: Glossy, Matt, Semi-glossy

Dilution Ratio(Dilution is not necessary, but the coating performance will be better if you do) : 
Base: turpentine/DMB=5:1

Theoretical Coverage (vary from colors):

  White                                6-7m2/kg/coat
  Black                                8-9 m2/kg/coat
  Green, grey, iron-red      7-8m2/kg/coat
  Blue                                  6-7m2/kg/coat
  Red, yellow                      6-7m2/kg/coat
Drying: (25℃, relative humidity: 75%)
Touch Dry: 3-6 hours
Hard Dry: 18-24 hours
Application Method: Brush, Spray, Roller

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