Maydos Star 5 in 1 Interior Emulsion Paint highly improves the overall decorative and protective performance. The premium emulsion and titanium dioxide are imported originally from Germany. It is your perfect choice when good covering, water and mildew resistant, easy cleaning finish is desired.



l  Effectively covering hairline cracks

l  Stain and water resistant, easy for cleaning

l  Super Scratching resistant

l  Anti-fungus and alkaline resistant

l  Fresh smell

Technical Index:

Solvent Type: Water-base

Resin Type: Acrylic acid

GlossMatt(1015% on a 60°meter)

Color: White and colors

Viscosity: 95105KU

Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.44-1.46kg/L

Maximum VOC content: 80g/L

Solid Content (by weight): 55%(standard sample)

Recommended film thickness per coat:

      Wet: 100μm        Dry: 40μm

Theoretical coverage per coat: 13-16m2/kg/coat

Scrubbing Resistance: 5000 times

Contrast Ratio: 0.95


Average dry time at 77°F/25:

      To touch: 0.5-1 hours

      Recoat: 4-5 hours

Dilution Ratio (%, with tap water): 20 (vary depending on application method)


Application Method: Brush, Roller, and Spray


Recommended Paint System:

2 coats of putty filler

1 coat of Maydos anti-alkali primer

2 coats of M9500 topcoats


Shelf Life: 30 months in sealed cans

Life Span after application: over 15 years on the wall (varies depending on the house environment, maintenance level,etc)




Store in cool, dry and good ventilated place. Temperature range: 0-35.


Packing size:

6kg/5L, 20kg/18L, 22kg/18L, 24kg/18L, 180kg/200L



Notes for use:

l  Mix well after paint can is opened.

l  To prevent hardening of the paint, the can should be closed during the interval of application. Thinned paint should not be poured back to the original can.

l  Recoat interval should be prolonged in winter. To prevent the surface from erosion and avoid the precipitation of alkaline component, wall surface drying time should be relative long

l  Stop application when temperature is below 10, or humidity over 85%.

l  Apply with Maydos matching primer for best performance.

l  For information of Manufacture Date, Lot No., Net weight and Expiring Date, please refer to the product label.


Cleaning up

l  Use soap and water.

l  Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use and prevent unused paint from freezing.

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