This environmental friendly, water base interior emulsion paint provides an excellent hide, wide coverage finish with fresh odor. It can be easily applied with brush or roller.



l  Wide coverage: High spread rate which will save paint consumption.

l  Good hiding power: The paint can achieve a smooth finish which can hide the small flaws, cracks and seams of the wall.

l  Easy handling: Easy application with brush or roller and fast drying speed.

l   Eco-label qualification: Environmental friendly formula provides you a delicate surface with no irritation and fresh odor.


Main Composition:

Acrylic copolymer emulsion, pigment, additives and water.


Technical Index:

Solvent Type: Water-base

Resin Type: Acrylic acid

GlossMatt(56% on a 60°meter)

Color: White

Viscosity: 100110KU

Maximum VOC content: 50g/L

Specific Gravity: approximately 1.46-1.47kg/L

Solid Content (by weight): 56%(standard sample)

Recommended film thickness per coat:

Wet: 70μm        Dry: 30μm

Theoretical coverage per coat: 10-14 m2/kg/coat

Scrubbing Resistance: 500 times

Contrast Ratio: 0.92

Average dry time at 77°F/25:

      To touch: 0.5-1 hours

      Recoat: 2 hours

Dilution Ratio (%, with tap water): 20 (vary depending on application method)


Application Method: Brush, Roller, and Spray


Recommended Paint System:

2 coats of filler

1 coat of Maydos anti-alkali primer

2 coats of M9010 topcoats


Surface preparation:

1.      Remove all loose or powdery paint residue by brushing and scraping with a stiff fiber brush

2.      Fill any minor cracks with an appropriate filler

3.      Surface should be flat and sanded smooth

Recoat interval should be over 2 hours (depend on touch dry).


Shelf Life: 30 months in sealed cans

Life Span after application: over 8 years on the wall (varies depending on the house environment, maintenance level,etc)



Store in cool, dry and good ventilated place. Temperature range: 0-35.


Packing size:

6kg/5L, 20kg/18L, 22kg/18L, 24kg/18L, 180kg/200L



Notes for use:

l  Mix well after paint can is opened.

l  To prevent hardening of the paint, the can should be closed during the interval of application. Thinned paint should not be poured back to the original can.

l  Recoat interval should be prolonged in winter. To prevent the surface from erosion and avoid the precipitation of alkaline component, wall surface drying time should be relative long

l  Stop application when temperature is below 10, or humidity over 85%.

l  Apply with Maydos matching primer for best performance.

l  For information of Manufacture Date, Lot No., Net weight and Expiring Date, please refer to the product label.


Cleaning up

l  Use soap and water.

l  Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use and prevent unused paint from freezing.


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